2009 Waianae Valley Hike

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They called this hike the Waianae Ramble, perhaps 8 miles in all, led by Steve who lives in Waianae. The hike was on calendar of Hawaii Trails and Mountain Club for Sunday October 11, 2009. The start of the trail roughly 2.6 miles on Waianae Valley Road, turn left before the bus stop and keep going until you get to an iron gate. Early part of hike was up hill all the way. Happy to see Jamun trees. Lots of Kukui trees, Guava trees, coffee plants on this hike. Definitely next time take something pluck the jamun off. Follow the yellow markers on this trail that Steve Rohrmayr put up. Just before the lookout is a sheer rock wall and a steep trail that you can get up with the help of a garden hose (that Steve carried up and installed for us)

At the lookout started to rain for more than an hour although not heavy rain. We were drenched for the rest of the hike. We continue on with more trail that descends into a variety of foliage, and ends at a shack at the top of the service road. We follow the service road all the way back to the car park. Hike takes us from 9am to 3:30 pm. Accounting for at least an hour of stops along the way, that is perhaps 5 hours of slipping, sliding, just fun. Some of us then stop for a social get-together at Steve's home on Waianae Valley road.