Pilani Class of 73-78 Silver Jubilee edition
Spotlight on Front Wing Vyas July 1974 - May 1975

When it rained outside campus near Connaught Place little ponds formed and made for interesting strolls. One of those days we went out for this great photo shoot with an Agfa click III. Negatives were developed in the Pilani photography club under the guidance of Rusty (Sanjiv Rustogi) and our very own quack expert Tapa (Tilak Mukherji).

Karira here, years before he cornered the dot com market. Another rare picture of Uday Mohan . The little mandir..

(Back row L to R) Venky, Amarnath Banerjee, M.S.Raman, Kuljeet Sokhi,
(Front row L to R) Raju Bhatnagar, Baskar Naik, A.M. Ravi, K.JaiShanker, M.Ravi

More pictures outside front wing Vyas within earshot of mandir songs. Sokhi seen more clearly here. Another front wing shot with Tapa, Vichoo, Naidu clearly featured here.

Defining moment of Nizwer's life in Pilani! Historic upset table-tennis match presided by Olympic hockey player Harmik Singh, in which rookies Krishnamurthy & Nizwer defeat favorites Srikant Pathak & S. Jaishanker 3-1 Pilani Open Table Tennis Doubles Finals 1975. Naidu outside the table tennis room where he spent nearly half of his life praying for a win.

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