Venezuela Year 2000

After several years of dreaming of travel to South America to see Angel Falls, we finally did it. With the recent introduction of adventure sports to Venezuela, it seemed appropriate to add white water rafting to our travel plans. The entire trip lasted 8 days including all travel to and from San Francisco.

Prior to the trip, I tried to get some travel advice from friends, travel books, websites, travel agents and tour operators in Venezuela. The variations in the price of domestic flights, tours, and the accuracy of information available was not adequate to make detailed travel plans before leaving. The most helpful information that I obtained was from Tom Avenou of Arrasari Trek (Bum Bum tours), my much traveled Italian friend Piero Scaruffi, and the Lonely Planet Guide.

Lots of pictures from the trip. Click below.
Whitewater Rafting
Angel Falls Boat Tour
Sante Fe Beach in Mochima

Fara and Nizwer : August 14, 2000.

Travel light. A carry on bag, plus a backpack for each traveler.