Waikiki Wedding, Hawaii
Yamilett & Nizwer get married March 13, 2003

Happy couple, perfect weather, excellent photographer. The priest conducts short ceremony in words we can understand! Another closer shot of that ceremony. Mike Nelson poses with couple for picture with wedding certificate. Then groom kisses the bride . Sign some formal paperwork , such as the "declaration of dependence!!" before the ceremony. Paperwork is required by the state of Hawaii. The important part here was for Yami to decide what name she would take after marriage. We decided she should keep her maiden name Yamilett Lucas so she can continue to drive an automobile with the license she already has. Putting on wedding rings. The artistic closeup.
the wedding at Waikiki beach another closeup

After the official ceremony we walked around and took some pictures. For example, once in a lifetime you will spot Nizwer in a suit with a flower. Yami's favorite movie is "Gone with the wind" and we think a staircase picture like this one has something to do with that movie! The clouds above remind of Gone with the wind too. Then there is that floral arrangement in the lobby of the Moanalua Surfrider. Multiple reflections in the mirror . After the wedding we changed into normal Hawaiian wear and took this royal family portrait.

On a rooftop overlooking historic Waikiki Banyan tree
We chose to have a quiet wedding instead of inviting plenty of folks in the midst of a recession. If you love attending weddings we do apologize for not inviting you! Fara could not attend this wedding because she was in Broadway New York performing with her High School Choir.

Except where indicated, photographs were taken by Dwight Iwasa - Studio 2000, Hawaii